About Rich Walker

Artist Instigator at Large, introducing Rich Walker

“Who is the artist here?”,  the innocent passerby inquires. “It is I”, says Rich, as if he could have easily have been cooking pancakes to share. If art creation was a measure of commitment to particpatory democracy, Walker would be a shoe in for any City Council.

His art is both accessible and astute, he grants us all a passing grade in artistic intelligence because his work in grounded in the universal elements of wholeness, balance, symmetry, and integration while his bold choices in color and composition, laude a celebratory chorus that is simple in its refrain;

“…How lucky to be alive, to play in a world of color and patterns.”

Multi Media Artist and Designer

Rich’s artwork can be found in restaurants, cafes, corporations, and in the homes of serious art collectors and everyday folks.  He is a furniture designer and creates artistic and functional solutions that are beautiful and eco friendly.C

Come on down to Art on Third

Come on down to Art on Third, and you will probably find Rich Walker with paint on his hands, laughing and getting into a lot of good trouble.